Monday, May 19, 2008

Italian Roast Espresso

Saturday mornings are the only time some of us have to relax. Or at least try. For those in the food biz its nerve wrecking, as you know a busy night is ahead of you. I never really gave up my Saturday mornings though. When your growing up Saturday mornings are for sugary cereal in front of the television. Its a great feeling knowing another week of hard work has gone by.Even if you do work weekends, you should always take time to enjoy Saturday morning. Make time to do whatever it is that makes you feel at home, and at peace. Let it be a time of healing. We all have different rituals. Some the sugary cereal in front of the tv, for me its a strong Italian Roast espresso the American way, watered down and sugary. I know , I know its awful to water down a good espresso, but it is what I enjoy while reading the latest issue of bon appetit, or the latest blog entry of my favorite bloggers (Orangette)while staying in bed for hours. Italian roast, being an intensely robust roast, give the South American beans a smoky, rich, bold flavor that makes cafe Americano work. No cream, and just a sprinkle of Raw sugar. (sigh) cant wait for Saturday morning!