Thursday, May 8, 2008

Miso and Garlic Marinated Beef with Bok Choy

Imagine you could have your favorite gourmet dish from your favorite restaurant in the intimacy of your own Love nest. Once in a while I tend to sway away from my Spanish cuisine and conquer new ones. Asian cuisines are some of my particular favorites. Recently my boyfriend and I dined at a little Japanese bistro here in Chicago, Oysy. We had a delicious Miso marinated steak. It was to die for! Salty, moist , tender. It was perfect. I'm not a big fan of beef, I'm such a seafood person. This steak was surprisingly good and from what I later discovered a very popular modern Japanese dish. Japanese cuisine is so much more than just sushi and rice dishes. At Oysy, this Miso Steak is served with grilled asparagus. Delicious, yet at the Asian market I found some fresh, crispy baby Bok Choy. I had a recipe for baby Bok Choy and shallots so I gave it a try. Perfect pairing. My point is, don't be afraid and attempt to recreate that special dish at home. Isn't that what dining out is about? Get inspired. Get cooking!
Miso and garlic marinated flank steak
6 oz. Flank Steak (1 per person)
2 Tbs. miso creamed with 2 TB. Sake (or dry sherry)
1 tsp. chopped garlic
1 tsp. sugar
1/8 tsp. pepper
and a little water
For marinate: combine all ingredients until the red miso is dissolved. Marinade flank steak for at least an hour. Grill over high heat.
I recommend using the equally delicious Red Miso paste from Korea. Its a bit more affordable and much much easier to find than the Japanese counterpart. If you do come upon Japanese Miso use it, its only about a two dollar diffrence.

Bok Choy with fried shallots
Bok Choy
Olive oil
In skillet cook sliced shallot. Half a shallot per bok Choy ratio. Remove and season. Cook bok choy and serve with shallots as garnish.